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Every month Vera Helleman will tune into what teachings can or need to be given to roll us through the transition to regeneration and growth to a new way of life. We will do that by discussing each part of the design in depth each time we meet and after completing the cycle we’ll go through it again in more depth to gain deeper and deeper understanding. All the teachings together will form an ongoing course. You can follow our pace and sequence or choose intuitively where you feel drawn to.

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10:00h EST (New York)
13:00h PST (Los Angeles)
14:00h AST (Willemstad)
18:00h GMT (London)
19:00h CET (Amsterdam)
20:00h SAST (Cape Town)
23:30h EST (New Delhi)

Duration: as long as it takes (usually around 1:30 hours). Afterwards a replay will be available.
Costs: Please give a donation

1 .1 Recognize the above in the below

The fundamentals of the new natural model

In this meeting we will reveal the meaning of the first symbol that needs to be understood and recognized to use the new natural model. The foundations of creation. You will be given an overview of the three universal forces and examples of their appearance in our reality.
After the teaching, you wil have the opportunity to ask deepening questions about the subject.

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1.2 The gateway to heaven

How to fuse with the creator’s power…

In this meeting you will get a first impression about the meaning of the second symbol. What do we mean by heaven? Why is this an important step on the roadmap to build an new society? What can you do to go through te symbolic gateway to heaven? Vera will explain this and give you a first exercise.


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0.6 Evolution needs wisdom

26th February 2023

Why we need a new/natural way to overcome these difficult times…

What is happening in the world right now? What does it mirror us? How did it come so far? And what do we need to see to transform it? In this meeting we will point our finger to the part we’ve played in all this and what is an important first step to turn it around for the better.

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