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1.1 Recognize the above in the below

26 March 2023

The fundamentals of the new natural model

In this meeting we will reveal the meaning of the first symbol that needs to be understood and recognized to use the new natural model. The foundations of creation. You will be given an overview of the three universal forces and examples of their appearance in our reality.

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1.3 The wheel of rebirth

21st May 2023

Continuum of existence …

In this meeting Vera will go into the third symbol and you will get The now and ever explained in a nutshell. Further we’ll dive into the wheel of rebirth, from  our point of view and from ‘Gods’ point of (over)view. And you will be guided with an exercise to a first awakening from the wheel.

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The new natural is…

A6-step developmental path for spiritual growth
based on the foundations of creation.
It’s also a source of information about future possibilities
that helps us build a new, more natural, society
where we live in harmonious agreement with all that is.
It is given to us in symbols by intervention of beings from parallel realities
through the channel Vera Helleman

we cán do something

the foundations of creation

Basis of the teachings are the three universal forces
that will interconnect science, religion and psychology as well as natural laws.



By embracing the idea that source energy, the mother of our feelings, is an integral part of our existence, we can evolve in harmony and connection with all that surrounds us.



By recognizing that every being has its own intelligence, but that intelligence is nothing without its complementary components, energy and vibration, we can reach a higher level of existence.



By profoundly understanding all forces of the triad of creation we will finally be able to consciously use it to set things in motion to build a society that includes everything we long for.

we are in this together

our mission

The new natural is an initiative dedicated to positive change in the world. A change built on a foundation of the natural laws of creation. A change not determined by government, but initiated by our collective consciousness. Therefore, we'd like to inspire about WHAT we can all do together and each of us individual to help build a new natural society that includes all that is and guide you through the transition to new ways of living.

  • We are society
  • Every change starts with one step
  • Every step ought to be a conscious choice
  • Every choice starts with an idea

Let yourself be inspired by our teachings and think with us about: people & society, science & development and nature & environment


Vera Helleman

get inspired

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