Energy generation

Tesla was a genius engineer who discovered the possibility of sending and receiving wireless sound waves as we use in our radios today.  In his later life he was about to invent free energy out of cosmic energy for all of us to use but died before finishing this task. Some of his most famous statements show that he understood the universal forces and was already at the point where he knew how to collaborate with them. Can we build on alternative forms of energy by investigating what he meant by: "If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration“? I’ll start with a clue…

As above, so below everything exist by the grace of 1. An observer and 2. The collaboration with three universal forces (energy, frequency and vibration). These three seemingly need to get and equal part in every undertaking ánd must to be addressed spirally….

I don’t know much about science but this is an important clue. So, if you are a scientist, ponder with / for us about this important subject.

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