Fluid agreements

When looking at the way we try to hold on to what's ours (safety) of try to give any kind of security to someone aren't we acting totally out of alignment with the design? If we are totally interconnected with each other, when we realize every piece of information is freely accessible to everyone and everything needs to be in motion contracts are no longer common sense. Does concurrence really exists? Is it logic to hold on to (work)relationships if the beneficial interaction has had its purpose and dissolves?

Agreements are made at the level of soul with our heads, hearts and hands as tools to be of service. Do we need to write down what is fluid? Let us think about the question where do we need contracts to write done our agreements and where we don't? And... what need to be written in it... do we just focus on the mutual gain or do we involve all that is connected (which is everything) in it? What are your thoughts?

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Harold Hoes

Is there a design? Or did someone create it, so to be able to survive.

And then, if so, can we accept that there are people who drop out, but take care of them as if they belong to that design.

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