Group decision making

When decisions need to be made that effects us all, decisions at administrative or governmental level (if that still exists in the future), who will decide for all of us? Or how decisions ought to be made when applying the divine design? How does a flock of birds or bees or a plaice of fish decide where to go and what to do? What can we learn from that? They are obviously connected to each other, know instinctively or intuitively or by some mystery we haven’t fathomed yet and… they are in motion. Is the latter an important part of it?

James Surowiecki researched this phenomenon and wrote about it in his book called, the wisdom of the crowd. Experiments were done with varied groups of people who got to guess a numeric question. As it turned out the exact middle answer when placing them on a row (not the average) was scarily nearly correct. But what if the questions don't require numeric answers? Arguing endlessly has already proven to be ineffective. Giving the power of attorney to rule to one single human seems also not the way.

Can we ponder about ideas that collaborates with the force of interconnection, the force of wisdom and the force of motion to forms of decision making? Would it differ for small groups and large ones or can we use the same principles and make it therefore more easy…

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I feel a trust in that decisions can flow from themselves in a “free” group. What gets in the way is our cultural understandings about who should make decisions, powermechanisms, etc..

Hanneke Verweijmeren

Regarding the last paragraph : I saw an interesting TED talk from Mariano,Sigman, ” How can groups make good decisions?”
They did some experiments in a large group ( 10.000 people together) and at the same time deviding the group in smaller ones .

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