Holistic schools

If we want to create places for people, young and older, to learn… what would such an environment look like? How would we provide schooling looking at the new natural model? Maybe Rudolf Steiner understood more of it then the present Steiner schools represent. Maybe his focus on ‘learning with head, heart and hands’ had more depth into it then we realize. If spirally addressed to, wouldn’t school be more a playground where everyone who feels the need to take in information come for interaction and means to do so? Not divided into classes of age but rooms of interest. Including nature as a teacher. No information to take in as an obligation but asked for, searched for, out of an inner longing… Knowing the force of information cannot stand alone. Collaborating understanding together we know more than alone but don’t want to stand in each others way. Respect growth is a constant motion and for everyone a different path. School… or maybe we need to call it ‘schooling’ needs to be fluid.

Let your minds go freely over this subject… feeling your own inner longing to develop. In what way would you like to learn?

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