Moving like a herd

The very interesting part of animal groups is that they know how to live with the design. They are totally interconnected, tap into the intelligence of the group and they constantly move to where they need to be. The organic of such a group makes them a natural organization of which we can learn. One thing they show us is the way the move. Not only to what but foremost how they do so...
First of all, they start and end always in rest. Then:
1. There is one initiator that come up with an idea
2. There is one that sets it into motion
3. They move as a group

Usually the leader is the one that sets it into motion but the leader is not always one and the same. Roles organically change in different circumstances. Also the one with the idea is often played through the one who is most suited for the job but not always, this is also a liquid 'position'. But always they stay connected as a group more of less tightened when energy or intensity raises.

So pondering of this horse example, looking at your family, group of friends or colleagues together... How can we apply these insights? These more natural way of movement? Please share your thoughts with us down below.

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Patricia Frieman

In groups of families and friends this works more naturally as I see it. Less hierarchy. In most organizations it often times does not works that naturally. It’s all about who’s the boss and the boss is not always a leader… Playing with different set ups for natural leadership in organizations, governments (what happens more and more fortunately) is what needs to be done, I think.

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