...to live harmoniously together and thrive
realizing that we are all equal
and connected to all that is

Group decision making


When decisions need to be made that effects us all, decisions at administrative or governmental level (if that still exists in the future), who will decide for all of us? Or how decisions ought to be made when applying the divine design? How does a flock of birds or bees or a plaice of fish …

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Selfhealing abilities


The crucial idea of selfhealing is to know (not to understand) what the frequency is of our natural, heal (read: whole) state. If everything is in constant motion, carried by information… in the best case (natural case) carried by interconnected information we can search and tune into these frequency fields and collaborate with the universal …

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Telepathic communication


When we connect with the source energy that connect and holds everything in the universe we are able to communicate beyond time and space. That will result in a totally different way of interacting with other people. The way we connect now is mostly by exchanging information through words and body language. Most of the …

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Fluid agreements


When looking at the way we try to hold on to what’s ours (safety) of try to give any kind of security to someone aren’t we acting totally out of alignment with the design? If we are totally interconnected with each other, when we realize every piece of information is freely accessible to everyone and …

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