1.5 The responsibility of free will


23 July 2023

Becoming a co-creator needs u to understand free will…

In what reach do we have free will? Who’s the one who has free will? How does it work? And why does it give us a certain responsibility? In this chapter we go deeper and deeper into this precarious subject. Every lesson also contains an exercise and yo can ask Vera all you question upfront or during the live session.

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Entrance to the live meeting with Vera at Sunday July the 23rd and a replay afterwards.

10:00h EST (New York)
13:00h PST (Los Angeles)
14:00h AST (Willemstad)
18:00h GMT (London)
19:00h CET (Amsterdam)
20:00h SAST (Cape Town)
23:30h EST (New Delhi)



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