Selfhealing abilities

The crucial idea of selfhealing is to know (not to understand) what the frequency is of our natural, heal (read: whole) state. If everything is in constant motion, carried by information... in the best case (natural case) carried by interconnected information we can search and tune into these frequency fields and collaborate with the universal forces and strengthen those fields. Which is possible with everything that contains the needed frequencies.

So it's now up to us to think out of the box about what could contain frequencies and how we can increase the intensity of those fields... Take your time to ponder upon this and share your insights or out loud thinking below.

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Patricia Frieman

I think it all starts here. To educate ourselves and our children. Learn in school about yourself, your body, mind, soul, how to connect with yourself and others. How the world turns etc. There the building blocks are made for a better future and better society. Education is the place to start (if not learned from your parents). In high schools, colleges etc.

Maureen van Abeelen

We can make and create sounds that resonate in our healthy natural energy fields, such as the heart frequency (639 Hz), the healing frequency (528 Hz) and the frequency of mental clarity (432 Hz). To increase the intensity of those fields we can all play music in these frequencies a little more, sing them at work or while walking the streets, or hum them during grocery shopping 🙂

Hanneke Verweijmeren

Interesting matter, frequencies. What if all people would tune in on the earth frequency, known as the Schumann resonance? The heartbeat of earth itself. We would breath as one collective field. And would we, breathing all as one, all start to create and think in favour of the collective?
Would we, being connected with our planet just know how we could get in harmony with her again ?

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