Telepathic communication

When we connect with the source energy that connect and holds everything in the universe we are able to communicate beyond time and space. That will result in a totally different way of interacting with other people. The way we connect now is mostly by exchanging information through words and body language. Most of the time we aren't aware of the energetic exchange that is going on between us. And that also only when we are in direct contact with another human being. When interacting with animals we can no longer relay on words which demands us to explore new ways of communication. We can try to teach them commands to follow but the ones who understand how to communicate with animals know that it isn't the command that they listen to but the tone of your voice and the intention that lays into it as the sound waves carry them.

Telepathic communication goes even beyond that. That is not about putting words into someones brain of get specific words or numbers from another. Not about putting effort in convincing someone else of your ideas or scanning someone thoughts… it is loose of personal will. It's about communicating through understanding. And really understanding is not a state of mind but a state of mind, body and soul. More like an insight rather than a cognition.
Telepathic communication only can be happen by the coalesce of two energies that become one heart. One intention. One motion. Beyond time and space or in time and space. Our world becomes bigger. I believe telepathic interaction can only be developed after understanding step two and three, the entering of heaven and really comprehend the now and infinite. And learning how to communicate with animals and plants would be a good way to practice this.

Think along with us about how you experienced this kind of communication and what you've discovered about it. Or try and share us your results.

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Patricia Frieman

The communication with animals comes natural to me. Maybe even more natural than with people. Our own thoughts come in the way … is my experience.. especially at work. We as people do not really listen to each other (anymore). We don not even listen to our selves, our bodies, our souls. That’s something that should be more on the (educational) agenda. Growing up and knowing more about ourselves and the other. The interconnectiveness of all and ways to better communicate. A learning process for me as well.

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Paul Ehrens

Sorry! In force of habit that I wrote in Dutch.
I feel this is a wonderful thing to be more aware of and I will definitely start practicing a bit with this the upcoming weeks. 🙏

Paul Ehrens

Heel mooi en waardevol om te lezen en om wat meer bewust van te worden.
Ga ik mee aan de slag. 🙏

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