Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions
In these General Terms and Conditions:
1. Order: The order of books, events and/or downloads via the website www.thenewnatural.eu
2. The new natural is an initiative of one-man business Leven in, established Bredaseweg 185 in Etten Leur, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 524.78.122 (hereinafter: the LiV).
3. Customer: Any private individual, any company, any institution or public service that purchases a product or education from LIV.
4. Subscription: The registration by the customer for the product.
5. Product: The book, event or download offered by the LIV.
6. Agreement: The agreement concluded between LIV and the customer.
7. Private: Natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or business.
8. Written: Notification by post or electronically (e-mail).

Article 2. Objective
The LIV aims to contribute to a change of our civilization in a way that is in harmony with nature.

Article 3. Applicability
1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all legal relationships and agreements of or with and all related acts, both of a preparatory and executive nature, whereby LIV supplies education and/or products of any nature whatsoever.
2. Deviations from and additions to these General Terms and Conditions only apply if they have been expressly agreed in writing. The applicability of any purchase or other (general) terms and conditions of others is expressly rejected by the LIV.
3. Verbal notifications do not bind LIV, unless they are confirmed in writing.
4. If a situation arises between the parties that is not regulated in these General Terms and Conditions, this situation will be assessed in accordance with the spirit of these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 4. Establishment
1. The agreement is concluded by placing an order for a book, event or download by the customer via the LIV website by creating an account and accepting it by the LIV. The customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions by placing the order or registration.
2. Acceptance by the LIV of the order or registration takes place in writing and takes place under the suspensory condition of the continuation of education, availability of place and compliance with any conditions.
3. All registrations are treated in the order they are received. Reservations by telephone are not possible.
4. The agreement takes effect at the time of sending the registration or order, if applicable, up to and including the last training day, which is stated on the website.

Article 5. Terms of payment
1. After registration or order, the customer will receive a confirmation and the invoice.
2. Payment is made in one go.
3. For products, payment must be made immediately upon registration.
4. Donations are not refundable.
5. Payment is made by deposit or transfer to the bank account number specified by LIV on the invoice within the term indicated on the invoice.

Article 6. Withdrawal
1. The customer, if private, has the right to dissolve the agreement within 14 calendar days after the agreement has been concluded, free of charge and without giving reasons. The cooling-off period does not apply if the customer acts from a profession or company or if the employer bears the costs. The cooling-off period also does not apply to payment of a donation.
2. The customer makes use of this by unambiguously stating in writing within this period that the agreement must be dissolved. The LIV will refund any costs paid as soon as possible.
3. For books, the cooling-off period starts on the day of receipt of the book.
4. Returns are only accepted if the items are in their original condition. That is to say undamaged and without writing, complete, only treated as reasonably necessary for viewing. If these conditions are not met, the LIV will not accept the return shipment and the customer is obliged to purchase the book or to compensate for a depreciation to be determined by the LIV.
5. The costs for the return shipment are the responsibility of the customer.

Article 7. Suspension, dissolution and premature termination of the agreement
1. The LIV can suspend compliance with its obligations or dissolve the agreement, including if:
1. The customer does not, not fully or not timely fulfill the obligations under the agreement;
2. After concluding the agreement, LIV becomes aware of circumstances that give good grounds to fear that the customer will not fulfill its obligations;
3. When concluding the agreement, the customer was requested to provide security for the fulfillment of his obligations under the agreement and this security is not provided or is insufficient;
4. Due to the delay on the part of the customer, LIV can no longer be expected to fulfill the agreement under the originally agreed conditions;
2. Insofar as the LIV terminates the education because there are insufficient registrations, the LIV is obliged to refund any costs paid for the education within 30 days.
3. Insofar as the customer has not fulfilled his (financial) obligations prior to the education, the LIV may refuse the customer access. If access is refused, the customer is nevertheless obliged to pay what has been charged to him.

Article 8. Cancellation
1. If the customer wishes to cancel the registration for education, the customer must make this known in writing.
2. Cancellation for on-site education is free of charge up to one month before the start date. Up to two weeks before the start date, 50% of the total sum will be charged, after which no refund is possible.
3. If the customer terminates (prematurely) after the commencement date of the agreement, there is no right to any refund of the tuition fee.

Article 9. Intellectual property (copyright)
1. The intellectual and industrial property rights with regard to the teaching materials provided to the customer belong to Vera Helleman.
2. All teaching materials provided to the customer by LIV in the context of education are exclusively intended for the customer’s own use.
3. The customer, irrespective of the manner in which this is done, is not permitted to reproduce and/or publish the information obtained without the permission of LIV or to develop or provide a similar activity, whether or not in collaboration with third parties, unless the LIV has prior written consent.

Article 10. Confidentiality
1. All data and information provided by the customer will be treated confidentially by LIV.
2. The client undertakes to treat confidentially all knowledge of a confidential nature acquired during the course.
3. Information about the customer will only be processed for any publications, lectures or education if it is reasonably made unrecognizable and irreducible in advance.
4. Information released by the customer during meetings is at his own expense and risk.

Article 11. Liability
1. In providing education, the LIV accepts a best efforts obligation. Although the utmost care is taken with regard to the content of the services provided by LIV, LIV cannot exclude the presence of errors or incompleteness. The LIV is not liable for any damage caused by such errors and/or omissions.
2. The LIV is not liable for damage suffered by the customer during the performance of an agreement, unless this damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence on the part of the LIV or third parties engaged by it.
3. The customer remains responsible at all times for choices made. The education is and cannot be regarded as (replacement of) medical and/or psychiatric consultations and/or treatment(s).
4. Damage caused by participants to property or equipment hired by LIV during an activity will be recovered from the customer.
5. The LIV is not liable for consequential damage or personal injury or loss of income. In addition to the above damage limitation, the LIV is never liable to a higher amount than for which it is insured.
6. If the insurer does not pay out, the LIV is never obliged to compensate a higher amount for damage than what has been charged by the LIV for the relevant agreement in which the damage has arisen.

Article 12. Disputes
1. The LIV values satisfied relationships. However, where work is done, misunderstandings can arise or mistakes can be made. If the customer is dissatisfied with the products or education of the LIV, he can contact the LIV or submit a complaint.
2. A complaint must be made known in writing to the LIV. After taking note of and discussing the complaint with the customer, the LIV will implement the chosen solution as well as possible.

Article 13. Applicable law
Dutch law applies to these General Terms and Conditions. Any disputes will be judged under Dutch law and the District Court of Zeeland-West-Brabant will have exclusive jurisdiction to hear such disputes.

Article 14. Deriving rights from publications
The LIV takes the greatest care with regard to the content of its
brochures, website and other textual expressions. However, the LIV cannot guarantee 100% that there are no errors in these statements and therefore no rights can be derived from the content.

Article 15. Changes
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these General Terms and Conditions
be changed by the LIV. Changes will be announced by personal notification or general
publication on the website of the LIV. These Terms and Conditions were last updated on January 1, 2023.

Contact details
If you have any questions, complaints or comments after reading the General Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us in writing or by e-mail:
Emotion Expertise Center: info@thenewnatural.eu

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