the design

The design, which I introduce to you here and extensively in the book, contains not only a model to build a new natural society but is also a roadmap. A step-by-step development plan for us to use.

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step 1. Recognize

The triangle - symbol of God
The triangle is an ancient symbol representing three cosmic forces. Three forces that are equal to each other and by joining up are able to create the world we live in. What we need to recognize is that these three forces can be found in every part, large or small, of creation. If we can see that these forces: force of interconnection, force of intelligence and force of motion, can be used for everything by everyone, no exceptions, and we understand the depth of it... 'miracles' can happen. Starting with an upgrade of our human capacities which will reflect in that what we create and how we will collaborate with these 'entities'.

Kopie van NN 2 - 2

step 2. Fuse

The triangle with circled dot - symbol of heaven
Heaven is not a place to be but a state of being. To experience life as it is in heaven you have to enter the circle, the middle of it all. Realizing yourself as divine being and coming to rest in the center as awareness. Awakening from the wheel of rebirth through the gate of the present moment. Only they who entered 'heaven' will be able to co-create with real understanding and therefore with inclusion of all that is in a way that will sustain. This symbol is a representation of the Creator’s power. The process of awakening needs Self-inquiry that consists of three parts: Discovering who and what you really are, discovering what keeps you from truly being yourself and starting to act as 'the hands of God'.

Kopie van NN 2 - 3

step 3. Understand

The circle and the dot - symbol of now and ever
The dot as the center of existence represents that everything exists only now. The now is all there is. Past and future are constructs of the mind. At the same time everything, past, present and future exist all at the same time. The now and ever are actually the same thing. This is hard to understand with the mind but very simple once you really see this. From that moment on you will get access to an infinite field of possibilities and capacities to develop and deploy for the change of the course of our civilization.

Kopie van NN 2 - 4

step 4. Develop

The circled triangle - symbol of paranormal activity
The symbol of paranormal activity wasn't added to our design but uncovered itself as a consequence of the above mentioned symbols and will be a natural consequence of the described process. When understanding below is as above we will include all three forces again in our thinking, feeling and behaving. When entering heaven and seeing creation is always now and ever, that what we now call paranormal will be very natural and the crucial factor of co-creating with all that is. We will extend our capabilities and can thrive in connection with all that is.


step 5. Collaborate

The equilateral triangle - symbol of choice between good and evil
And while we keep on developing we continuously need to be aware of the inclusion and collaboration of the three entities. Love, wisdom and power ought to be in alignment every step of the way. When out of balance will this be the border between good and evil and thus for us the need to awaken the watcher who has choice between harmony and disharmony as this is very delicate and in potential dangerous. For the record, step 4 and 5 may overlap during the process and are both serious business because we here gain access to very powerful forces.


step 6. Build

The divine design - symbol of a new natural civilization ánd the steps towards it
When realizing the above state a new civilization will be a natural consequence. Everything will change as a reflection of our reborn integrated selves. We all longe for harmonious connection. We all long for sustainable ways to organize society and to be of service for the benefit of us all. And our planet will mirror this harmony and will restore itself. It is our task to become a conscious co-creator and therefore we need to understand that our future starts always now. Existence will unfold itself when we set our ideas in motion but only will be of the benefit of all that is when we collaborate with the three forces as totally equal important. We're invited to stay awake for the slightest unbalance and correct it.

What could our future look like?

Why is this question so important? Because right now we are developing in old ways that proofed often not to work. That's not a good point to start from. When we make a giant leap and start thinking out of the box and, so to speak, from the possible future maybe we can come up with ways that do work as thoughts are the building blocks of creation, so...


and let us start building a new life or/and


with more understanding

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