the movement

The new natural model is for us all to use! In billions of ways.
If we truly want to make a difference. If we truly feel that old ways no longer suit us. When we realize this is the moment we need to collaborate in order to survive. In order to thrive! Every one in its own unique way. Playing the part you feel inside is yours to represent. Uncompromising. Straight forward as three in one.
Below you will find the entrance to the three major subjects we need to think about in order to be able to build a new civilization as thoughts are the building blocks of creation. After the entrance they are divided again into sub subjects to serve us in the 'how' we can be part of this transition. You are invited to think with us about new natural ways of interacting with ourself, with each other and with nature. The big how-question can only be answered by putting our heads and hearts together! Think with us and share your visions about:

people & society

We built our society.. we ARE our society. That means we have to take responsibility for it and change it to what feels as an extension of our purest being. How would we interact with one another if we really saw and expressed our truest selves? What would a civilization look like where we no longer fight and divide but unite?

science & development

We have developed incredible things the last century using the most brilliant brains but did we collaborate with all the universal forces and used our skills for the benefit of the whole? Are we really yet that smart or are we even more advanced than we realize and can we develop capacities in a way that will be more profound and interconnected than we could have imagined?

nature & environment

The planet that provides us not only with air and water, food and shelter but with a deep wisdom about creation that speaks to us through the kingdoms of nature. Are we going to reconnect and listen? How will our planetary home flourish when we recognize ourself again as part of nature? Treasure Gaia with all the love and tenderness we have in us...

We don't build a new civilization from that what didn't work, we need to look from the possible future and find bridges


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