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Every month Vera Helleman will tune into what teachings can or need to be given to roll us through the transition to regeneration and growth to a new way of life. We will do that by discussing each part of the design in depth each time we meet and after completing the cycle we’ll go through it again in more depth to gain deeper and deeper understanding. All the teachings together will form an ongoing course. You can follow our pace and sequence or choose intuitively where you feel drawn to.

To help us bring this vision into the world we have priced the lessons with the one of the following amounts: Number 11 is the visionary and creator, number 22 is the architect who builds the vision, and number 33 delivers it to the world.

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10:00h EST (New York)
13:00h PST (Los Angeles)
14:00h AST (Willemstad)
18:00h GMT (London)
19:00h CET (Amsterdam)
20:00h SAST (Cape Town)
23:30h EST (New Delhi)

Duration: as long as it takes (usually around 1:15 hours). Afterwards a replay will be available.
Costs: €22 per chapter €119,- for a 6-pack teaching of +/- 8 hours

2.1 The force of interconnection

24 September 2023

The long neglected source of life 

In this teaching we will dive deeper into the force of interconnection. The one of three forces of creation. We will not only get a grip of her potential and operating procedure, we're also going to connect with it and feel her presence flowing through us.

As all the .1 teachings this chapter is all about recognizing the three as one and ones of three.

After the teaching, you will have the opportunity to ask deepening or personal questions about the subject.

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2.2 Awakening into oneness perspective

21 October 2023

…on the level of heart

Enlightenment has been a goal of longing for ages. The .2 lessons are about the gateway to heaven or in other words: awakening into oneness perspective. Becoming free of the ego mind with all his sorrows. Fuse with your true Self and with all living soul in the universe.

In this teaching we are going to milk this subject even more and help you to surrender to the pulling of the heart

Every lesson also contains an exercise and yo can ask Vera all you question upfront or during the live session.


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1.6 What kind of society do we want to build?

27 August 2023

Lets look into our wanting, needing and longing…

Starting to build our future society always starts with a vision. But will this vision be based on ego-wanting, instinctive- and collective-needing or the longing of our interconnected soul? How can we distinguish the difference? How can we become aware of our motivation because every step we take determines our future…
In this teaching we’re going to put all the pieces of the symbol together to figure out what we ourselves can do towards a more congruent way of living.

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1.5 The responsibility of free will

23 July 2023

Becoming a co-creator needs u to understand free will…

In what reach do we have free will? Who’s the one who has free will? How does it work? And why does it give us a certain responsibility? In this chapter we go deeper and deeper into this precarious subject. Every lesson also contains an exercise and audience questions

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1.4 Future human skills

25th June 2023

Humanity is evolving in rapid speed…

What are we about to develop? Why is this important for our new ‘world’ And how can we prepare ourselves for that what’s coming? Because with every skill comes a responsibility…

In this meeting you will get insight in our potential as human beings as well as a first step into seeing this world from an ascended point of view.

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1.3 The wheel of rebirth

21st May 2023

Continuum of existence …

In this meeting Vera will go into the third symbol and you will get The now and ever explained in a nutshell. Further we’ll dive into the wheel of rebirth, from  our point of view and from ‘Gods’ point of (over)view. And you will be guided with an exercise to a first awakening from the wheel.

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1.2 The gateway to heaven

23th April 2023

The fusion with the creator’s power…

In this meeting you will get a first impression about the meaning of the second symbol, the symbol of heaven. What do we mean by heaven? Why is this an important step on the roadmap to build an new society? What can you do to go through the symbolic gateway to heaven? Vera will explain this and give you a first exercise.

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1.1 Recognize the above in the below

26 March 2023

The fundamentals of the new natural model

In this meeting we will reveal the meaning of the first symbol that needs to be understood and recognized to use the new natural model. The foundations of creation. You will be given an overview of the three universal forces and examples of their appearance in our reality.

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0.6 Evolution needs wisdom

26th February 2023

Why we need a new/natural way to overcome these difficult times…

What is happening in the world right now? What does it mirror us? How did it come so far? And what do we need to see to transform it? In this meeting we will point our finger to the part we’ve played in all this and what is an important first step to turn it around for the better.

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